Expected Results

Website's URL's are erased to respect the client confidentiality agreement.

Do you want minimum 4000 targeted real human visitors?

Why 4,000 Website Visitors?

That's a safe number we can guarantee. Our lowest performance was 5,500 visits. The majority of our customers websites receive between 8,000 to 20,000 visitors. Some customers with really good products/services got even more.

And the visitors come from ?

Our system helps the new created blog posts to get more than normal traffic. All visitors come from Travel Blogs, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Business Catalogs.

Side effects? What side effects?

We will describe the entire process below and you will find out why the positive side effects are increased social media exposure and improved search engine rankings.

Business and SEO Analysis

Business Analysis

We identify your target customers, their location and individual profile, to create content that is interesting for them.

SEO Analysis

Our system makes the online world thinks your website is important. We don't want to miss good additional SEO (better search engine placement) results because of poor website optimization.

Social Analysis

Our Social Media Marketing analysis is required to be sure we target the right audience on Facebook and Twitter. Social Media signals are required in today's online marketing world, they are part of the bigger picture.

Travel Blog Press Distribution

But Everyone Does This!

Well, not everyone, because individually it cost a lot. Successful websites probably do it. But we do it better because after travel blog posts distribution we reinforce the guest posts with additional internet mentions and we add social marketing promotion.

Viral Effect

It's important to have a good subject for the travel blog posts, we will help you with that. As time passes more and more websites pick up and repost the blog posts.

Direct Traffic and SEO Benefits

Travel blog posts are receiving a good amount of traffic. Because of the links in the blog post it always provide an improvement in search engines popularity (rankings).

Social Media Exposure To 2-3 Million Followers

Targeted Media Exposure

Social Media Analysis tells us the most suitable profiles to advertise on. We hand select suitable social entities and promote your website and some of the top travel articles.

Split Channeling

We promote your website directly but also we promote the newly created posts on travel blogs, on Facebook and Twitter.

A Numbers Game

Cumulative, we will tweet and post in front of 2-3,000,000 millions of people. You will receive some likes and followers in the process but that's not our goal, it's a side effect.

Reinforcing Posts on Travel Blogs

Popularity Propagation

We re-publish excerpts from the travel blog posts, in a slightly different and shorter form, to high quality general blogs, pointing to the main posts on the high quality travel blogs.

Social Bookmarking

We post about the published travel posts on social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Tumblr and more. Everything for a viral domino effect.

Facebook and Twitter

We continue to push on with the social media promotion by posting/tweeting about the published blog posts on travel blogs.

Building Up More Sources of Online Popularity

Business Catalogs

We will publish your website in several high quality business catalogs. From our vast experience we can rank top 20 any local business website with only 40-50 business catalogs inclusions ALONE. Verified and Safe.

Improved Reviews

We noticed that all our clients got several good reviews in Yelp/TravelAdvisor/Google Places/Facebook Page Reviews, few months after the start of the package.

Blogs and Social Media

More posts on Reddit, Facebook and various, carefully selected high quality, personal and niche blogs, will bring direct traffic and improve search engines presence.

A Durable Source of Real Human Website Traffic

Social Media Traffic

We categorize it as burst traffic, limited attention span, however posts on Reddit for example sometimes tend to stick at the top of search engine results, bringing some long term constant traffic.

Travel Blogs Traffic

The blog posts we distribute tend to be re-used again and again for many months, by more and more blogs and websites. Traffic will come for many months, constantly.

Business Catalogs and Search

Business catalogs bring constant, however more reduced, traffic. Search engines increased placement will bring more traffic, 99% of our customer's websites saw increased search engine rankings as a side effect.

The Features, The Raw Numbers

Business Analysis

To target the exact segment of customers that are interested in your website offer.

SEO Analysis

On-Site and Off-Site SEO analysis. Keyword research.

Guest Posts on 30 Travel Blogs

30 established travel blogs, different owners and IP's.

3,000,000 Social Exposure

Split promotion on high volume followers social media accounts.

100+ Blogs

Promotion on 100+ general blogs for the main 30 travel blogs posts.

40+ Business Catalogs

Get published in related business catalogs. Only high quality, established catalogs.

100+ Social Bookmarks

Reddit, Tumblr and more social bookmarks for the main 30 travel blogs posts.

World Class Support

World class level support for all your questions and suggestions.

and more...

We only need your website address, we can analyze everything else. If you have suggestions / questions / content that you want to be used we will adapt our system to incorporate them.
The 1.0 and 2.0 versions cumulated age is 4 years. We had over 6500 customers to date. Success rate is 99.99%. 100% if you follow our post Business and SEO analysis advice completely. Our customers got traffic, media exposure and increased search engine popularity.
The traffic is human traffic, with low bounce rate. However we can't guarantee human actions metrics on your website.

Travel Blog Press Trafic System 2.0 is Risk Free

Posts on 30 Travel Blog Posts

We will provide exact locations for 30 posts on different travel blogs, in maximum 30 days after order start.

Rankings Improvement for Main Search Phrase

If your Google/Bing position does not improve, in max 60 days after project start, we will refund you in full (if you follow the SEO Analysis recommendations).

Minimum 4,000 Human Visitors

In maximum 60 days after order start date, cumulative.